ICreative helps companies, governments and institutions with the adoption of e-invoicing

Why e-invoicing?

With e-invoicing, invoices are delivered and received as a small data file. Typically in a XML format. The benefit is straightforward: invoices can be automatically processed by sending and receiving systems, without any human handling. Invoices are processed cheaper and faster without such handling.

The main challenge is that different companies work with different invoice standards and different invoicing systems. Asking all your customers or supplies to adhere to your standards is futile. The solution: Allow everyone to continue to work as they do, but instead of sending (or receiving) invoices directly, let the Basware Network intervene. That’s were the magic happens.

Why Basware Network?

The Basware Network is the largest open transaction network in the world. It allows companies, governments and institutions to send and receive invoices from their customers and suppliers in any format they desire, without having to ask their customers and suppliers to change their way of working.

Except for one condition: invoice should be send (or received) to (or from) a new address that is connected to Basware Network. The Basware Network sees to it that invoices are converted to a standard that is requested by the receiving party.

This allows an organization to adopt e-invoicing in a very fast manner.